These fees are purely indicative.  Every treatment has its own challenges and as we aim to provide a bespoke service, fees may change accordingly.  You will be provided with an itemised treatment plan with detailed costings prior to the commencement of any treatment.

Please see a list of common items below.

Nhs treatments

General Dentistry Fees

New patient examination


Recall examination


Hygienist visit (30 min)



from £75


£12.50 each

Amalgam filling

from £55

White filling

from £59.50

Root canal treatment 

from £200

Restorative Treatments Fees

Partial denture – acrylic

from £299

Full denture upper and lower


Ceramic inlay/onlay

from £350


from £399

Metal denture

from £699

Cosmetic Dentistry Fees

Tooth whitening

from £299


from £399

Orthodontic Treatment Fees 

Invisalign Teeth Straightening 

from £

Dental Implant Treatment Fees

Implant retained crown

from £1008


Unless you are in one of the groups entitled to free dental treatment (e.g. Under 26, receiving certain benefits) the NHS requires you to pay 80% of your dental treatment.

Please note not all benefits entitle you to free NHS dental treatment and you are required to bring in proof of your exemption at every visit.

Here are examples of some costs of NHS treatment as of 2024

NHS Treatment Fees


No Charge

Two small x-rays


Enhanced preventative advice & treatment 


Small amalgam (silver) filling


Large amalgam (silver) filling


Root canal treatment (front tooth)


Single crown (front tooth)


Simple extraction (one tooth)

from £28.84

Complete (upper and lower) dentures


Private Membership Plan

Membership ensures you have access to quality dental care, offers you a simple flexible way to pay for your dental care and is designed to encourage you to visit us regularly.


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