We have now reopened!

Initially, the opening of dental practices will be restricted to urgent dental care only and we will be severely limited in the range of dental treatments we can offer. Certain treatments may still require to be referred on to Urgent Dental Care Centres. These restrictions are determined by the Scottish Government and are to ensure patient and staff safety. Although the limitations are frustrating, we are happy that things are moving in the right direction.

We appreciate those of you who are awaiting routine dental treatment and completion of dental work started prior to the Covid-19 outbreak will find this frustrating that we will not be able to resume this quite yet. However, we do anticipate that the resumption of some routine dental care may follow in the next few weeks.

There will be a few noticeable changes to the practice initially, and appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

Booking Appointments

We ask that all appointments are booked by phone or email before attending the practice – this helps to minimise the number of people in the building at any one time. We are unable to accommodate drop-ins to book appointments at this time.

Coronavirus Symptoms

You will be asked about coronavirus symptoms when booking your appointment, and this will be then confirmed with you when you arrive at the clinic. Apologies for the repetition, but this is necessary for keeping our staff and other patients safe.

If you, or anyone in your household, develop symptoms before attending for your appointment, please give us a call and let us know. There will be no short-notice cancellation charges at this time and we will be happy to re-schedule. If you have developed symptoms but still require urgent dental care, phone the practice on 01358 723354 and we will make alternative arrangements for you. Please do not attend the clinic if you have symptoms. If your dental problem is urgent you will still be able to access dental care.

Visiting the Practice

Please attend alone where possible. It is important that we minimise the number of people in the building. Of course, if you require a carer, or a parent is required to accompany a young child this would be allowed. Please advise our receptionist on the phone so we know who we are expecting. Try not to bring any unnecessary items or belongings with you when you visit and, please be aware, like many places right now, card payments are preferred. You have the option to either pay by card at the practice, or make an advance payment over the phone.

Arriving for your Appointment

The front door to the clinic will be kept locked for the time being. Please call the reception when you arrive to let them know you’re here – details will be on the door. To allow for physical distancing, the waiting room will be out of use. This means, that we will kindly ask for you to wait outside, or in your car and someone will notify you when we are ready for you. For your convenience, try and arrive as close to your appointment time as possible to save you having to wait around. We can only make exceptions for those with mobility issues who need to sit down. Again, let our receptionist know if this applies to you. We thank you for your understanding.

Staying Safe at the Practice

We have a hand hygiene station for your use when you arrive and would politely request that you disinfect your hands using the hand sanitiser provided after entering and before leaving the building. We have tissues available in reception – if you need to cough or sneeze then please use these and dispose of immediately in the bin provided.

Toilet Facilities

For hygiene reasons, our toilet facilities will be kept locked. If you require to use these facilities during your visit, please ask at reception. These facilities are cleaned after each use.

Restrictions on Dental Treatment
There is a phased return to normal dental care, which means we are unable to provide all types of dental treatment for the time being. These strict regulations have been implemented by the Chief Dental Officer and are designed to keep you and us safe. This means some treatment may have to be postponed until things are back to normal. We understand that there will be a lot of frustration about this and believe us, we are frustrated too. We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


Finally, and most importantly, we look forward to welcoming you back to the practice! If there is anything we can do to make your visit easier, or if you have any questions at all, just call the practice on 01358 723354, or drop us an email at

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